White House advisers dreaded President Donald Trump's reaction to last week's indictments of 13 Russian nationals accused of meddling in the 2016 election, and they enlisted Fox News to help cheer him up.

The president spent hours watching news coverage with his two adult sons, growing angrier and angrier as commentators credited Russian interference for his election win and teenage survivors of a Florida school shooting criticized him, reported Time.

Aides worried the president would step on good economic news with his outbursts, and his lawyers warned the special counsel investigation was not over -- but Trump didn't want to hear it.

So advisers tried find someone to say the same things on TV in hopes the president would pay attention.

"Knowing the president’s fondness for Fox, the White House booked spokesmen to try to direct Trump toward a little less fanciful readings of the indictments," Time reported.

Trump agreed with aides that he shouldn't golf Saturday out of respect for 17 students and teachers killed nearby in a Florida school shooting, but the president stewed with free time on his hands.

He spent the holiday weekend firing off angry tweets before mingling with guests at his private Mar-A-Lago club, and he went ahead and golfed on Presidents Day, as grieving families buried their children about an hour away.