Trump supporter Piers Morgan slams president for 'cowardly' response to latest school shooting
Piers Morgan rails at gun rights advocate on Oct. 15, 2013. (CNN)

Trump supporter Piers Morgan on Thursday slammed President Donald Trump for refusing to do anything about gun violence in the wake of yet another school shooting in the United States.

Writing in The Daily Mail, Morgan ripped Trump for blaming mental illness -- instead of easy access to guns in the United States -- for mass shootings in his country.

Morgan also said that it was insane that suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz had been allowed to buy an AR-15-style rifle at all given his past history of mental problems.

"Cruz apparently passed a background check when purchasing his gun," Morgan wrote. "This despite the fact he had been treated for ‘mental issues’, expelled from the school he attacked (among many concerning acts of behavior, he sold knives out of his lunchbox and was found with bullets in his backpack), banned from returning to the school after threatening teachers, and accused of abusing a girlfriend."

Pivoting back to Trump, Morgan said that it looked like he planned to do absolutely nothing to make it harder for people like Cruz to purchase firearms.

"Well, I’m sorry Mr President, but this just isn’t acceptable," he said. "You can’t pretend to be tough on security but turn a blind eye when yet another US school (there have been over 280 school shootings since Sandy Hook) is turned into a human slaughterhouse. It’s spineless and cowardly, and you know it."

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