After a leader within the Virginia Republican Party shared his belief that Christians should be given preference over non-Christians when seeking political office, the party responded by utterly rebuking him and his bigoted ideal.

The Washington Post reported Monday that numerous legislators and party members rebuked elected Virginia GOP official Fredy Burgos after he posted on Facebook that "having preference for Christians over non-Christians as political leaders is not bigoted," but rather "a preference and a duty we are allowed."

In a post Sunday night, Republican Party of Virginia chairman John Whitbeck wrote that he would fire Burgos over the comments if he could, and that he supports him being stripped of all his committee memberships. He also joined Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) in calling on him to resign.

This is far from the first time Burgos has come under fire. Last month, a young member of the state party who sat on the State Central Committee with Burgos published his resignation letter, which was aimed at the controversial official.

"I held my tongue when Fredy Burgos called Muslims ‘savages’ and Islam a ‘death cult created by Satan’, claimed that interracial adoption and marriage is a threat to western culture, claimed that calling refugees ‘human’ ‘is a stretch’, characterized Catholics as worshipers of false idols, and claimed that Methodists are ‘humanists’ doomed to hell," former RPV member Kyle McDaniel wrote in Bearing Drift, a conservative Virginian blog.

In response to allegations of anti-Semitism inferred from his post, Burgos posted on Facebook that "As an evangelical Christian, nobody loves the Jewish people and Israel more than I."