WATCH: CNN discussion about Parkland blows up after Bill Kristol tells Symone Sanders not to bring 'race' into it
Symone Sanders, Bill Kristol -- CNN screenshot

A CNN discussion on how the FBI handled tips on the Florida shooter Nickolas Cruz exploded into yelling after conservative Bill Kristol attacked CNN commentator Symone Sanders for bringing race into the equation.

With host Jim Sciutto sitting in for Jake Tapper, Sanders bashed the FBI for not following up on tips they received about the shooter responsible for killing 17 in Parkland, Florida, last week,  saying they would have taken him seriously if he had been a Muslim.

"If he was yelling 'Allah Akbar,' they would have swooped in --," Sanders explained before being cut off by the conservative.

"That's not true!" Kristol shot back.

"We have a Muslim ban, dammit," Sanders exclaimed. "There's a whole Muslim ban --."

"Did they change laws after San Bernardino?" Kristol pressed."You don't have to demagogue this. You know, you're thinking about race."

"Okay, to be clear, white supremacists have repeatedly slipped through the fingers of the FBI -- repeatedly," Sanders stated. "This is a pattern."

"Do you mean the FBI doesn't care?" Kristol parried.

"There is a pattern, we cannot ignore a pattern in this country," Sanders shot back. "So this young man trained with a white supremacist paramilitary in Florida. Had he been training, in my opinion, had he been with black or brown people training with a paramilitary in Florida, the FBI would have done something about it."

Watch the video below via CNN: