Watch CNN's Camerota read NRA's Loesch the riot act for accusing media of loving massacres in blistering interview
Alisyn Camerota, Dana Loesch

Appearing on CNN Friday morning, host Alisyn Camerota and NRA spokesperson Dan Loesch got into a shouting match after the CNN host challenged the gun spokesperson with "How dare you!" for accusing the media of loving massacres and crying white mothers after mass shhotibg.

After thanking Loesch for appearing on CNN's town Hall on Wednesday night, the CNN host then called her out for her accusing the media of loving mass shootings.

"You say many in the media love mass shootings, you guys love it, you love the ratings, crying white mothers are ratings gold to you," Camerota asked. "So Dana, why would you say -- why would you make a statement like that?"

"Because it's true," the NRA spokesperson replied after a pause.

"You think we love mass shootings?" Camerota pressed.

"I said many, not all," Loesch responded but refused to say who in particular she was talking about.

"I don't know anybody in the media who likes mass shootings, you're wrong on every single level," Camerota lectured her. "We pray that there's never another one. The idea of them being ratings gold  --  you just made a malicious statement, I have to respond. Guess what? They're not ratings gold. Americans have reached saturation level and they're so sick of it."

During another exchange, Loesch once again accused reporters of loving mass shootings and then promoting the killers, causing the host to state, "How dare you!"

Watch the video below via CNN:

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