WATCH: GOP lawmaker stumped after getting fact checked on live TV about false Delta claim
Brianna Keilar, Michael Williams -- CNN screengrab

A Georgia Republican who has been attacking Delta Airlines for ending discounts for NRA members after being pressured by the public found himself cornered by a CNN host after he claimed the airline continues to give discounts to Planned Parenthood members.

Appearing on CNN Tuesday afternoon to make his case for pulling back tax breaks for the Georgia-based airline, State Senator Michael Williams (R) made the claim and, when pressed for proof of his assertion, paused and responded that he and other Republicans "looked it up on Google."

After Williams stated Delta was providing deals for "liberal groups," host Brianna Keilar pulled the conservative up short.

"Where are you getting this?" Keilar pressed. "I need to be clear on this. You just said that they give discounts to Planned Parenthood members. I've seen allegations of that on right-wing blogs but I've had no verification of that. Where are you getting that?"

"In a caucus meeting yesterday morning where the governor of Georgia was trying to convince us all, basically threatening us that if we don't pass this [tax deal], things will be taken out of the budget," Williams explained. "Other senators and I looked it up on Google but I don't know the source."

"To be clear we looked it up as well and it doesn't appear after some digging that we've been able to determine that that is actually factual," Keilar replied. "You're indicating something that may not be true there."

"Again, I believe very firmly Delta is out there giving discounts to left wing organizations as well. If they're going to take it away from the NRA, why not the left wing organizations?" Williams persisted.

"If you're making that argument, shouldn't you have your facts straight?" Keilar shot back as Williams went off on a tangent about left-wing groups again, refusing to acknowledge her question.

Watch the video below via CNN: