WATCH: GOP state senator spending weekend in jail after arrest for extortion in video voyeurism scandal
Republican state Sen. Nicholas Kettle of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island state Sen. Nicholas Kettle (R-Coventry) was arrested on a count of video voyeurism and two counts of extortion, WPRI reported Friday.

The investigation started after Sen. Kettle left his iPad at his then-girlfriend's house. She went through the photos, found unauthorized pictures of her, and filed a complaint with police.

Kettle is being taken to state police headquarters and will then spend at least the weekend at the Adult Correctional Institution in Cranston, with an expected arraignment on Monday.

“He’s about 5’3″ weighs about 125 pounds soaking wet and a young 27 years old,” Paul DiMaio, Sen. Kettle's defense attorney claimed. “He’s terrified.”

State Police Lt. Col. Joseph Philbin said the case includes Kettle sharing the pictures with a person outside of Rhode Island.

“It is deeply troubling that a member of the Senate has been indicted on charges of video voyeurism and extortion,” Senate President Dominick Ruggerio (D-Providence) said in a statement. “Based on what we know at this time, I believe that Mr. Kettle should resign immediately.”

The Republican leader of the state Senate agreed.

“Based upon what I’m reading and seeing and hearing, Sen. Kettle should resign immediately,” Sen. Dennis Algiere (R-Westerly) said.

Kettle, 27, serves as the Republican Whip in the state Senate.

Previously, Sen. Kettle admitted to creating a fake social media profile to attack political enemies and in December paid a $2,000 fine for a campaign finance violation and forfeited $4,000 from his campaign account.

Kettle is a member of the Senate Ethics and Oversight Committee.