'Have some balls': HBO host Maher schools Democrats on how to take out GOP incumbents
HBO host Bill Maher -- screenshot

During his new rules segment,  Real Time host Bill Maher blistered Democrats for allowing the GOP set the narrative when it comes to campaigns, and urged them  to "have some balls" and take the Republican Party head on.

Saying national Democrats need to "support the very important part of their coalition: other Democrats," Maher took them to task for distancing themselves from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

“Nancy Pelosi was never a scary radical and Democrats long ago made a horrible mistake in deciding that when Republicans called her that, they would just duck their heads and go along,” Maher lectured. “What Nancy Pelosi did was pass the stimulus that averted a depression, passed the very best version of a health care bill this country has ever had, passed Wall Street reform after the Great Recession, and the bill that saved the auto industry, passed the Fair Pay Act – these are things to brag about, not distance yourselves from.”

Citing the example of President Donald Trump's aggressive brand of politics, Maher added voters “don’t care how smart you are ... just don’t be a p*ssy.”

“So how about this, Democrats?" Maher challenged. "Let’s create a brand new issue out of thin air just like the Republicans do and you can use it to practice having balls."

You can watch the video below via HBO: