‘You can smell the fear’: Ex-DOJ official warns Trump’s Twitter freakout over McCabe reveals he's at his most dangerous
Matthew Miller on Am Joy -- screenshot

Appearing on an MSNBC panel discussion on the abrupt firing of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller is next in line, a former Justice Department official warned that a cornered President Donald Trump is now at his most dangerous.

Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, former Justice Department spokesperson Matt Miller said Trump has become untethered from advice from his aides and is attacking his perceived enemies out of fear.

"We already know from the testimony that we've already heard from Andrew McCabe that, in his interactions with Donald Trump, he was asked who he voted for which seems completely inappropriate," Reid began. "He was chided about his wife and subjected to putdowns about her having lost the race she ran in Virginia. We now have, in addition to that, Donald Trump in his morning tweet storm, tweeting 'Why does Mueller team have 13 hardened Democrats, big crooked Hillary supporters and zero Republicans.' Another added, 'there is no collusion.'"

"Donald Trump apparently thinks only Republicans are allowed to work in government unless they're Andrew McCabe and they're married to a Democrat," she added.

"You can smell the fear coming through in the president's tweets this morning," Miller agreed. "He seems to be very nervous all of a sudden about this probe."

"If you look at the developments over the last few weeks, I think they'd give you some clue why," Miller continued. "We found out that Bob Mueller has subpoenaed his personal business for records. We found out from the New York Times they submitted questions that will give them some idea what they're looking at. He found out yesterday that Andrew McCabe kept memos of their interactions and, if they're like Comey's, they'll have inappropriate requests of law enforcement by the president going back to the first days of this administration."

"I think we're at one of the most dangerous times for the Mueller probe," he warned. "You have not just the president's anger, nervousness, fear, but you also have these reports in the last few weeks that the president is increasingly comfortable that he knows how to do this job and he doesn't want people telling him no -- that he shouldn't take rash actions. When you combine those two trends, it puts us on a perilous path and potentially a dangerous set of actions from the president in the next few weeks."

You can watch the video below via MSNBC: