Christian website editor: Stephen Hawking was kept alive by Satan to counter Billy Graham's gospel
Physicist Stephen Hawking (left, via Shutterstock) and Rev. Billy Graham (right, via Timothy A. Clary/AFP).

According to the lead editor of the conservative Christian PNN News website, the late physicist Stephen Hawking was kept alive by Satanic forces to oppose Rev. Billy Graham's teachings.

Hemant Mehta at Patheos' The Friendly Atheist blog wrote Monday that Mike Shoesmith of the conservative website drew paralells between the lives and careers of Hawking and Graham — and said that they were linked by Satan.

Appearing on the radio show hosted by Trump-supporting pastor Carl Gallups, the editor of the End Times blog outlined his outlandish theory.

"So, in 1942, that is when Billy Graham’s ministry really takes off, and who do you think was born in 1942?” Shoesmith said last week on a radio show after the famous physicist's death. “Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking comes from a long line of atheists — his father and all these people — so I believe the devil said, ‘OK, this guy was just born and I’m going to use this guy. This guy is already primed to accept my message that there is no God. He is already primed for it, he is going to be awash, immersed in atheism all his years as a child, I’m going to take over this guy’s life."

"I believe Stephen Hawking was kept alive by demonic forces,” the PNN executive editor said, referencing Hawking's ALS. “I believe that it was the demonic realm that kept this man alive as a virtual vegetable his entire life just so he could spread this message that there is no God."

Last year, Mehta noted, Shoesmith claimed women who dress in provocative clothes are "assaulting" men by doing so.

You can listen to the blogger's tirade below: