CNN panel marvels at Trump morals: 'Not only cheating on his wife -- he was cheating on his mistress'
CNN's Gloria Borger and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Kim Wehle (Photo: Screen capture)

As the women who engaged in consensual sexual relationships with President Donald Trump while he was married continue to come forward, all political panels can marvel at the hubris and questionable morality.

During a panel discussion with CNN's Gloria Borger and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Kim Wehle found Trump's predicament remarkable.

"She made him seem more human in a way than I've ever heard him described," Borger described Karen McDougal's interview with Anderson Cooper. "But she was also describing a man who was not only cheating on his wife, but he was cheating on his mistress at the same time. And so it was a remarkable story."

Borger explained that she covered former President Bill Clinton and has covered presidents who cheated on their wives in the past, but this, seemed different somehow.

"It's kind of remarkable, the level of detail that is coming out from these women, because we are living in a different time now than we were during the Clinton days," Borger continued. "So now it's just all coming out there. At some point, the president is going to have to talk about it, either in court or to the American public."

Wehle, who worked on the Whitewater prosecution case noted that when Clinton dealt with his affair, he ultimately was forced to talk about it to the American people. Ironically, Trump brought Clinton's accusers to a press conference prior to the final presidential debate.

"These hush money deals took place around the time of the campaign and there are some potential legal liability here with respect to the campaign finance laws," Wehle said. "So, this is beyond just the sordid details, which is really debasing the presidency, kind of in a more historic level. But it also has legal implications for this president that just compounds the problems he has, in light of [special counsel Bob] Mueller's investigation."

Watch the full discussion below: