CNN segment goes off-the-rails after Stormy Daniels' attorney calls Michael Cohen 'a thug' to his lawyer's face
Michael Avenatti and David Schwartz

A segment between the lawyer for adult film star Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen’s personal attorney on Monday derailed after Michael Avenatti called Cohen “a thug.”

Avenatti encouraged Cohen’s attorney David Schwartz to “file a lawsuit” if he believes Daniels’ allegations against Cohen—who’s Donald Trump’s personal lawyer—are defamatory, explaining that while Cohen has yet to speak with reporters, Daniels on Sunday sat for two hours to “answer questions by a world-renowned interviewer who asked tough questions.”

“Why hasn’t Michael Cohen sat down … and answered questions?” Avenatti asked.

Later in the segment, Avenatti suggested Schwartz shared shady similarities with Trump’s personal lawyer, insisting, “that’s why you and Michael Cohen are friends I guess.”

“He’s a thug!” Avenatti declared. “Your friend is a thug.”

“That’s a million dollars!” Schwartz replied as Avenatti repeated the word “thug" at least eight times.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin later asked Schwartz about Cohen’s $130,000 payout to Daniels, which was paid via his home equity line of credit.

Schwartz insisted “there’s nothing illegal” about Cohen’s payment to Daniels.

“I never said there was something illegal about it,” Toobin replied.

Schwartz later accused Daniels of “legal extortion” of Cohen while Avenatti pushed back at his allegations.

Watch the truly out of control segment below, via CNN:

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