CNN’s Chris Cuomo mocks VA pick: President likes him because he wears a uniform and says Trump isn’t fat
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

During a CNN panel discussion on President Donald Trump's newest pick to head  up the Veterans Administration, New Day host Chris Cuomo mocked the pick of White House physician Rear Adm. Ronny L. Jackson, saying the president "loves him" for confirming a questionable presidential weight on 239 pounds.

Speaking with CNN panelists  Karoun Demirjian and John Avlon, Cuomo laughed at the mention of Jackson's name, recalling the physician report on Trump's weight was greeted with great skepticism.

Avlon began by pointing out that the V.A. has a $186 billion budget, and over 300,000 employees, and questioned his management abilities.

"I'm sure Dr. Ronny Jackson is a charming individual, " Avlon began. "He certainly did well defending the president on on air at length after the physical. Some of the particulars may come up in confirmation hearing, but it is not a criteria for running this kind of bureaucracy.

"This is a president who also wanted to nominate his personal pilot to run the FAA, " Avlon joked. "This is sort of: 'Who do I know, who is nearest, -- I pick you.'"

"He knows him, he likes him, he travels him," host Cuomo offered as a description of the relationship between Jackson and Trump. "We know it [the V.A.]  has been failing at its mission for generations. It is so sensitive and fundamental. So are those the qualifications? 'I know the guy. I like him. He told people I only weigh 233 pounds, and he wears a uniform.' Is this enough?"

Cuomo later returned to Trump's supposed weight according to the White House physician saying is in excellent health.

With Avlon noting that Trump reportedly spends his evenings eating cheeseburgers in bed and weighs 239 pounds, Cuomo added, "Let me help you. That is a surprisingly low number that he weighs maybe 15 pounds more than I do -- and we're the same height."

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