CNN's Cuomo blasts GOP intel members for protecting their own butts with ‘no collusion’ report
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Screen cap).

Addressing a report issued by some Republican members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that claimed it had found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, CNN host Chris Cuomo called it an attempt to cover their own butts and also President Donald Trump's.

Speaking with CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, the New Day host seemed flabbergasted at the extent to which the GOP members were going to shut down any investigation into the Trump White House.

"You know what's remarkable about the House Republicans' report here?" Toobin attempted to explain. "They didn't have to go as far as they're going in saying that Russia didn't want to help Trump. Of course Russia wanted to help Trump. Now, the more toxic question is: did Trump's campaign work with the Russians? That's very much not established for certain at this point."

"But to say that Russia didn't want Trump to win? Wasn't helping him win after the Wikileaks hack, the social media indictment of the 13 Russians and after the Trump Tower meeting? Why fight that battle when the real battle is one they might actually win," he added.

Cuomo then took the GOP members of the committee to task, saying that they can't be trusted to investigate anything involving their own party.

"Look, I think we maybe go a step farther and say you can't have any of these men and women investigate their own, they just can't do it," Cuomo explained. "They can't surrender the me to the we. It's shame on them for not doing what the people put them there to do. This isn't oversight. it's just CYA."

"If it's your party you're looking at, there are going to be problems. Isn't that just a simple truth?" Cuomo asked Toobin.

"We sometimes do a false equivalency where, in terms of, Democrats or Republicans, they're both bad," Toobin remarked. "I have to say I think the Democrats were trying to get at the facts here, they were trying to interview more people, they were trying to get more documents, trying to get financial records. so I don't think this was a purely equivalent situation."

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