CNN's Keith Boykin nails Trump supporter over wall funding: 'Taxpayers are on the hook for his fake promise'
Keith Boykin debates Ben Ferguson on CNN (Screen cap).

CNN's Keith Boykin on Friday tore into President Donald Trump for falsely claiming that construction has started on his border wall -- and he then rubbed salt in the wound by pointing out that the president has failed to live up to his promise on who would pay for the wall.

First, Boykin mocked Trump for only getting a tiny amount of the funding he needed from Congress to pay for the border wall.

"It's not even $1.6 billion for a wall, it's about $600 million, actually," Boykin said. "The $1.6 billion is for a larger appropriation for expenses that have to do with border security."

Boykin then pointed out that, in theory, no taxpayer money should be allotted to build the wall since Trump repeatedly promised to make Mexico foot the bill for its construction.

"Remember, this is a guy who said in 2016 and 2015, he's going to build a wall, and who's going to pay for it? Mexico," he said. "Well guess what, taxpayers? You're on the hook for Donald Trump's fake promise."

Even Trump supporter Ben Ferguson acknowledged that the limited amount of funding for border wall construction was a disappointment to many of Trump's backers.

"There are many conservatives like myself who are not happy that we don't have total funding for the wall," he said. "But I like that the president is still fighting on it, while many Republican members of Congress who ran on the same policy have abandoned it... it should cost them their seats in Congress."

Watch the video below.