CNN's Symone Sanders torches Trump's silence on cops shooting black men: 'He called Roseanne yesterday!'
Symone Sanders appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Symone Sanders got into a heated argument on CNN Thursday morning about President Donald Trump's total silence on the death of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black man from Sacramento who was shot by police twenty times in his own backyard.

During the segment, Sanders eviscerated Trump for being willing to tweet about all kinds of news stories -- ranging from school shootings to kneeling NFL players -- but never about unarmed black men who get shot by cops.

In particular, Sanders tore apart the White House's claim that Trump didn't want to comment on Clark's shooting because he considered it a "local matter."

"The idea that this is a 'local' matter is laughable," she said. "We know that President Trump will comment on -- he called Roseanne yesterday to talk about her show! He comments on things happening in communities across the country and abroad all of the time."

Conservative panelist Rob Astorino tried to defend Trump by saying that it would be inappropriate for Trump to comment on such cases until all the facts are known. Sanders, however, wasn't having it.

"The question on the table is, why can Donald Trump comment on everything else, but when it comes to issues that do not fit his political narrative, we cannot hear from this White House," she said. "I think that's problematic."

Watch the video below.