Coal baron mocked by John Oliver sends rambling, self-pitying letter to judge
Coal baron Bob Murray appears on Fox News to praise Trump/Screenshot

The West Virginia coal baron whose practices were mocked by John Oliver and a giant squirrel sent a hilarious letter of protest to the judge who dismissed his defamation suit, according to the ACLU of West Virginia.

Bob Murray was labeled “a geriatric Dr. Evil” in an episode of Oliver's HBO show, which highlighted incidents like a 2007 collapse caused by unauthorized mining practices in Utah which killed six miners, and which Murray claimed at the time was caused by an "earthquake."

"The jobs of our 6,000 coal miners depend on me and my reputation," the letter said. "I am a dying old man, but our employees will suffer as a result of your decision."

Murray also complained of getting mocked by the show's fans in letters that said things like "consume defecation, Bob" and "congrats on having HBO make you look like a big fat lardass loser in court. Idiot."

The judge noted that Murray's letter constituted improper contact with the judge, and the judge warned Murray and his attorneys to not send another lest he face sanctions from the court.

You can watch the hilarious original segment which prompted the dismissed lawsuit below.