‘Creep factor up the wazoo’: MSNBC panel explains why voters are revolted by Trump’s crush on Ivanka
Ivanka Trump appears on Fox New (screen grab)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace noted that her non-political friends continue to be intrigued by reports of Donald Trump's extramarital affairs -- and creeped out by the president's about his daughter, senior White House advisor Ivanka Trump.

"But when I leave my life as a newsperson and a political person, all of my normal friends want to know about is whether the president's affairs are true," Wallace noted "and whether he said to women that he was about to sleep with, 'you are so great, you remind me of my daughter.'"

"And that just creeps everyone out," Time magazine contributor and MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan said. "You can't help but just to be -- like, no, I don't want to remember that you said that."

'You want to unhear that," Wallace noted. "Twice!" To Ms. McDougal and Stormy Daniels."

"And in public interviews over the years, he frequently talks about his daughters," Jordan added.

"Super gross," Wallce replied.

"Yes, the creep factor out the wazoo," Jordan replied.