'They didn't elect him to be their pastor' -- watch Trump shill Amy Kremer start spinning Stormy Daniels affair
Amy Kremer, a Trump supporter, on CNN/Screenshot

The Stormy Daniels interview is slated to run on 60 Minutes Sunday night.

A porn star will discuss having unprotected sex with the Republican President of the United States a few months after the birth of his son, Barron.

To hear Republicans tell it, this is not an issue for the party of morality and family values.

On a CNN panel, Republicans defended the president's apparent ethical lapses. Amy Kremer, founder of Women For Trump, defended the president vociferously.

"I know the left wants this to pull him down and destroy his presidency, but it's not going to," she says.

Keith Boykin, a former Bill Clinton aide, pointed to the obvious hypocrisy.

"It certainly destroys the credibility of the rightwing Evangelical Christian-based party that spend decades talking about family values and how moral they were and how holier-than-thou they were, and then they support Donald Trump," he said. "The hypocrisy is stunning."

Kremer was nonplussed.

"People did not elect him because he is a preacher," she said. "They didn't elect him to be a pastor."

Watch below.

CNNclip from Martin Cizmar on Vimeo.