President Donald Trump wants to run his administration the way he commands a campaign rally, and he's reportedly clearing out officials he sees as obstacles to his vision.

Robert Costa, national political reporter for the Washington Post, told MSNBC that Trump was inspired by his bonkers appearance Saturday at a Pennsylvania campaign rally for Republican Rick Saccone to fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and possibly other top officials.

"I'm hearing the president is looking at this moment as a return to Trump being Trump, and that he wants to be his own (communications) director, his own chief of staff," Costa said. "That doesn't mean he's going to get rid of Gen. (John) Kelly, that doesn't mean he's going to make Larry Kudlow the economic adviser, but he wants people who understand his campaign mentality."

The reporter said Trump wants to hold more rallies, where he can attack his enemies to the delight of his supporters, and he doesn't want any advisers around to question his impulsive decisions.

"The turning point, I'm told, was that that weekend rally in southwestern Pennsylvania," Costa said. "He said to his aides, 'I want to do more of this, more rallies, more being out there, throwing political punches day in, day out. (He) wants his cabinet to be filled with allies, people who have a rapport with him."