Ex-Philly mayor takes Jack Kingston to the woodshed over claim Trump White House chaos is perfectly normal
CNN contributors Michael Nutter and Jack Kingston -- screengrabs

During a panel discussion on the chaos that has enveloped the White House over the past few days, CNN contributor Jack Kingston tried to make the case that the turmoil President Donald Trump has brought to the Oval Office is nothing out of the ordinary.

That compelled former Philadelphia Mayor Micheal Nutter (D) to roll his eyes and then take the ex-GOP lawmaker to the woodshed.

With White House Communications Director Hope Hicks abruptly quitting, Chief of Staff John Kelly's head reportedly on the chopping block, and the president publicly battling with Attorney General Jeff Sessions  -- Kingston would only admit that life in the White House can be "stressful."

With host John Berman commenting, "This morning, Chief of Staff John Kelly says things are going pretty good," Nutter immediately mocked Kelly.

"Yeah, with every respect to General Kelly, I don't know what he's drinking in the morning, but we might want to check that out," Nutter quipped. "This bit of a cross between a ship of incompetence and the Caine Mutiny being led by paranoid megalomaniac president. That place is a mess, it is a total mess and has been pretty much from the start."

Asked about the White House chaos, Kingston tried to down play it.

"I can say this: there are a lot of people who want to work in the White House," Kingston remarked. "There is a lot of excitement. These are very, very tough jobs. these are 18-hour-a-day jobs, not 12 hour a day, a lot of stress, a lot of strain."

"Let me say this, look what they're getting done," Kingston soldiered on. "The economy is doing great, unemployment at a 17-year low, consumer confidence, I think, is at a 16 or 17-year high. and in terms of trade negotiations. absolutely sitting down at the table with other countries for better trade agreements, getting judicial nominations through, passing the budget, which will include the wall."

"We haven't seen this kind of leadership,  and I served in Congress during 9/11, during some other chaotic times and I can tell you they are stressful. When you're getting things done in this town it is very chaotic, i also served in Congress during some mundane times and you didn't get much done. So I think when you're pedal to the metal the way this administration is, you're going to have some spin-off issues and I think it is unfortunately the nature of Washington as much as anything else."

Nutter wasn't having it.

"Yeah, come on, Congressman. That was a nice try," Nutter lectured. "First of all, the Congress has done nothing on DACA, nor has the president. They haven't done anything on guns."

"And claiming all of this credit for unemployment or the economy," he continued. "You know, that would be like me tomorrow becoming head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and, you know, if they went to the Super Bowl next year claiming that I actually had something to do with it. President Obama handed Donald Trump the best economy in modern times and now he is just kind of hanging out. "

Watch the video below via CNN: