Fox News' Chris Wallace calls out Trump for blaming Democrats on DACA: ‘Where has the president been?’
Fox News anchor Chris Wallace (Screen cap).

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace on Friday fact-checked Donald Trump after the president claimed the Democrats are refusing to do anything to protect DACA recipients, telling “Shepard Smith Reporting” fill-in Trace Gallagher, “you sort of wonder: where has the president been.”

Wallace was discussing Trump’s impromptu non-news conference, during which the president argued against the spending bill as he signed it into law.

“I don’t know what to make of it, because it wasn’t just Republican leaders who were [saying] the president was on board, it was the White House own budget director in the White House briefing room yesterday who said the president was going to sign the bill,” Wallace said.

“He acted today as if this was all a surprise,” he added.

Trump also used the press conference as an opportunity to blame Democrats for not reaching a resolution on DACA recipients—despite the fact that Trump has repeatedly bucked bipartisan efforts to bridge a deal on Dreamers.

“For the president suddenly to talk about DACA and the wall—Democrats came to the White House and offered the president a deal in return for protecting 1.8 million DREAMERS and people eligible for that, they were going to give him the $25 billion of spending for the wall weeks ago,” Wallace explained. “The president turned it down … You sort of wonder: where has the president been while he and his team have been negotiating for months on all these issues.”

Watch below, via Fox News: