Fox News panelist admits the network has a pipeline to get people directly into the White House
Juan Williams and Jesse Watters appear on Fox News (screen grab)

President Donald Trump promotes "Fox & Friends" almost every morning and frequently has Fox News hosts over for dinner. The White House has given exclusive interviews to Fox and pitched stories to the network first. So, it's not a shock that a Fox host would simply admit to now.

During a Thursday discussion about the recent staff shake-up and the future Trump team exits, liberal Fox News host Juan Williams confessed the network was responsible for the information to and from the White House.

Williams cited host Kimberly Guilfoyle, who called the trap-door in the West Wing something out of a Broadway play, perhaps a farce.

Williams replied he didn't think it was a play so much as a reality show "and if you want to get in, you need to get in the Fox News green room. Apparently that's the staging."

Guilfoyle accused Williams as spreading "hate."

"It's not hate," Williams responded. "It's a fact. You journalists, fake news, no chaos here. It's obvious to everybody if you open your eyes and take a look. Three times the amount of change in (former President Barack) Obama's first year, two times the amount of change and in Ronald Reagan's first year. People come and go in a way that is a little unsettling."

"I heard Brian Kilmeade is going to be on the Supreme Court," Greg Gutfeld quipped a day after Trump nominated a CNBC host to be an economic advisor.

Watch the full discussion below: