Kicking off Thursday night's Hardball, MSNBC host Chris Matthews practically came out of his chair ripping into President Donald Trump's selection of John Bolton as his new nationals security adviser.

As is his custom, Mathhews didn't let his guests get a word in edgewise as he ranted about Trump's selection of Bolton, calling the appointment: "The worst thing he’s done."

“It’s extraordinary. I’m a little emotional about this because I’ve never seen a president behave like this in one day,” said Matthews of a day that saw Trump's personal attorney flee the president's legal team because his client won't listen to his advice, only to later have Trump dismiss the steady and highly-regarded McMaster with Bolton who can charitably be called a bomb-thrower and a warmonger.

“This may be the worst thing he’s done,” Matthews ranted. “John Bolton -- Mr. Hawk. Their kids do all the fighting and getting killed and losing their legs and everything else. He [Trump] said to them, 'no more stupid wars.' And now he brings in the godfather of stupid wars, John Bolton.”

Watch the video below via MSNBC: