GOP head of Russia probe asks Jesus Christ to forgive him for appearing on Chuck Todd's program
Mike Conaway speaks to Chuck Todd (NBC/screen grab)

Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX), who was in charge of the House Intelligence Committee's Russia investigation, told NBC host Chuck Todd on Sunday that he needed Jesus Christ's forgiveness for appearing on his program.

During an interview on Meet the Press, Todd quizzed Conaway about why his committee would close the investigation without interviewing key members of the Trump campaign who were possibly in contact with Russia.

"I hope the Democrats will fold in whatever it is they want to put into the report," Conaway said. "They'll disagree with us on whether or not we found evidence of collusion and they can have that section written in there differently. So, we'll have one report that will answer much of the questions that we wanted to."

"The collusion issue, we found no evidence of it," he added. "The Democrats think they have. They've not shared that with us if they have. I've shared all of my evidence we've got with them. But if they've got evidence of collusion, they haven't shared it with us."

Todd concluded the interview by hoping Conaway's pastor would forgive him for doing the interview instead of attending church.

"I don't need my pastor's forgiveness," Conaway replied. "I need Jesus Christ's forgiveness."

Watch the video below from NBC.