GOP strategist Rick Wilson shreds 'utterly corrupt' Kushner: 'He basically had a For Sale sign tattooed on his neck'
Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

GOP strategist Rick Wilson on Wednesday continued his crusade against top Donald Trump aide Jared Kushner, telling CNN’s Don Lemon the First Son-In-Law “might as well had a ‘For Sale’ sign tattooed on his neck.”

Wilson was discussing a new report that Kushner’s family business received money from at least two companies after the top Trump aide attended White House meetings with those companies’ executives.

“I mean, look,” Wilson began. “Any other human being on earth would be in prison by now because of all this. Jared Kushner is so compromised and so compromisable.”

Wilson, who wrote a scathing op-ed on Kushner Tuesday for the Daily Beast, explained that American intelligence “was listening in while foreign nations were basically astounded at how easy it would be to bribe and manipulate this guy.”

“And the fact of the matter is the president, he’s listening to Ivanka [Trump] say, ‘Daddy, keep him here,’" Wilson continued. "That's unacceptable for a president to do. The nepotism problem would be a problem no matter what—if he didn't have any investments or anything else—but this is a guy who has basically been trying to sell himself and sell his influence in the White House in order to fund 666 Fifth Avenue.”

"And this is a guy who the president has given this vast portfolio of assignments and opportunities to influence American foreign and domestic policy," Wilson continued. "And the problem is he is utterly corrupt. He doesn't need to be in the White House. You know, the guy is going to end up spending more time in a federal correctional facility than the White House at the end of the day because it's so obvious how cheaply he was trying to sell himself to anyone who walked in the door.”

“This is a guy who might as well had a ‘For Sale’ sign tattooed on his neck.”

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