CNN political analyst David Gregory on Friday spelled out why John Kelly won’t resign over his botched handling of the Rob Porter domestic abuse accusations, explaining “the good thing” about Donald Trump’s chaotic White House is the chief of staff can already move “on to new scandals.”

Kelly on Friday defended his handling of Porter, who resigned as White House Staff Secretary last month after photographs of his ex-wife with a black eye surfaced.

As CNN’s Brianna Keilar noted, Kelly “did admit, however, that White House staffers, in his words, ‘Did not cover ourselves in glory’ with how they handle the fallout.”

Keilar pointed out Kelly said there was “no reason for him to even consider resigning and no reason to have considered resigning.”

“Well, because the storm has passed here and they're on to new scandals,” Porter said. “That’s the good thing about being chief of staff in a White House that is in such disarray, historically, that you can just wait for the next storm to come on. He weathered this one and obviously the boss doesn't want him to go.”

“But what took so long to be so accountable?” Gregory asked. “I don't think he deserves a gold medal for bringing in reporters to explain himself this far after the fact. Then to say, well, there was never anything wrong here but we didn't cover ourselves in glory. Tell it to us straight. There was a breakdown here, you know about this stuff, this thing was horribly handled."

“This thing is a mess,” Gregory later said. “He's chief of staff at a time when you have a president who is setting kind of new marks for how erratic he can be.”

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