Hispanic family flees Michigan school district after children bullied by pro-Trump teacher
The Sifuentes family/Screenshot

A Michigan family says they pulled their kids out of a suburban Detroit school district because of racist, pro-Trump bullying, including from a substitute teacher.

Parents Juan Sifuentes, who is Mexican, and Kim Sifuentes, who is black, say their children endured relentless abuse after the election, according to a report from Detroit's WDIV.

That included students chanting "build the wall" and telling the children that "Mexicans don't belong here, they need to get out of the country."

"My then-9-year-old was in class and kids started talking about how they were glad Trump was building a wall because Mexicans don't deserve to live in Michigan," Kim Sifuentes said.

A substitute teacher allegedly said that Brazilians and and Mexicans rob people in front of their elementary-aged daughter.

The Sifuentes say the administration did nothing, so they filed a complaint with the ACLU. The ACLU sent a letter inviting the school to participate in a program aimed at institutions with racial controversies, but the school declined. The school district told the TV station that it wants the family back, but they have no intention of doing so.

"No parents wants to put their child in something like this," Juan Sifuentes said.