Joy Reid slams Republicans ‘seeking the South African solution’ for whites to control people of color
Joy Reid photo via Facebook

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid penned a powerful warning that Republicans "stifle the democratic process" in order to preserve the "plutocratic status quo."

Writing in The Daily Beast, Reid cautioned that "the GOP is desperately seeking to build a wall around its power, fearing its imminent erosion as a host of forces: demographic, cultural and political, come barreling its way."

"The multiracial future isn’t coming, it’s here. Millennials and post-Millennials are the most diverse demographics in American history," Reid explained.

"These younger cohorts, in large part because they are chock full of people of color, are far more liberal than their parents or grandparents’ generation; more accepting of LGBT rights, less interested in where trans people go to the bathroom, more attuned to the realities of white privilege, police brutality and economic inequality, frankly, more moral and less relativistic, and now, thanks to Parkland, more determined than ever to vote out the politicians who serve corporate masters rather than the popular will," she continued.

This is terrifying for Republicans.

"In response, some Republicans are throwing out democracy itself in an all-out bid to cling to power," Reid explained.

"Other Republicans, led by the president of the United States, are seeking the South African solution to their coming super-minority status," she continued. "Having already tried to use a phony electoral integrity commission to delete the votes of millions of non-white Americans, the Trump administration announced this week that it will seek to game the Census by adding a citizenship question, with the clear goal of producing an undercount in states with heavy immigrant populations, and disproportionate power for states that are mostly rural and white."

"All over America, you can almost feel the sense of panic. The Republican Party, which now almost exclusively represents a handful of uber wealthy, ideologically extreme donors like the Mercers, the Kochs, the Adelsons and the Bradley Foundation plus conservative white Christian men and about half of white women, is fighting to maintain control of a country that will soon be majority non-white, that is already majority urban, and that is increasingly secular," Reid explained. "Rather than seek an accommodation with the future, they are laying the groundwork for minority rule."

The attacks on democracy go hand-in-hand with Trump's authoritarianism.

"Against the increasingly authoritarian and morally shallow backdrop of Trumpism, the Republican Party is scrambling to find ways to stifle the democratic process before November, spewing at its cultural opponents and rushing to erect an American feudalism that locks in the plutocratic status quo," she concluded.

Also on Friday, Forbes reported that Reid's show, AM Joy, "just finished the first quarter of 2018 with the highest quarterly ratings in 10 a.m. to noon time slot in MSNBC's history.

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