Laura Ingraham apologizes 'for any upset' to David Hogg after advertisers start to flee
Laura Ingraham speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Thursday apologized to Parkland student David Hogg after she gloated about his college rejections.

“Any student should be proud of a 4.2 GPA,” Ingraham wrote on Twitter shortly after two advertisers announced the were pulling sponsorship of her Fox News show "The Ingraham Angle."

“For the record, I believe my show was the first to feature David immediately after that horrific shooting,” she added.

Hogg on Wednesday urged supporters to contact companies who sponsor Ingraham’s show. Hogg’s sister Lauren Hogg also called for First Lady Melania Trump to intervene on her brother’s behalf and stop Ingraham from “cyberbullying” the Parkland survivor.