Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder: Trump and Kim Jong Un are like two drunk guys talking about what to do with a brain tumor
Trae Crowder (Photo: Screen capture)

Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder doesn't anticipate President Donald Trump being able to work out the nuclear problems with North Korea. During a discussion with Bill Maher Friday, he admitted Trump has made strides in getting some potential negotiation, the difference, he explained is that Trump is no Barack Obama.

"Still I'm not going to sit here and say I have a lot of inspired confidence of this working out," he said. "Watching these two guys debate on what to do about the nuclear situation in North Korea is like two hammered drunk bricklayers talk about what to do with a brain tumor."

Republican strategist Ana Navarro can't imagine it working out.

"What are they going to do? Put their buttons on the table and see who's got the bigger button?" she wondered.

Maher explained that the only thing he can think is that the two men will have a "d*ck measuring contest" and then move on to actual negotiations.

"He doesn't understand math or spelling or science, but he does understand schmoozing," Maher said.

Maher recalled the photo that shows the Korean Peninsula where South Korea has is alive with lights and North Korea is "in the dark." He noted that his people likely haven't seen that but Kim Jong Un knows he's in the dark and "he's thinking the lights look pretty good."

"Well, I can tell you right now Puerto Rico thinks the same thing," Navarro quipped.

Watch the full commentary below: