'Does Melania have an NDA?' MSNBC's Mika says Stormy's lawyer may be trying to turn first lady against Trump
Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski agreed President Donald Trump was clearly spooked by former porn actress Stormy Daniels and her lawyer.

The "Morning Joe" host pointed out the president's schedule had been laughably light all three days after Daniels detailed her sexual relationship with Trump, and both co-hosts laughed off an explanation by the White House spokeswoman for why he had not yet responded.

"Of course, everything that Sarah Huckabee sanders says is preposterous, it seems these days, but it's preposterous to say the president's not going to punch back, he's not going to justify this when in fact he's done it with absolutely everybody from Theresa May to Mika Brzezinski to Kirsten Gillibrand -- to you name it -- and, oh by the way, suggested that I was a murderer," Scarborough said.

Brzezinski agreed the president had "punched back" over far less, and Sanders had justified his attacks as reasonable and appropriate.

"I believe it was President Trump's TIME covers, his fake TIME covers that he had on the walls of his country clubs," she said, "and we kind of made fun of him for having fake TIME covers of himself, and that day he tweets about me bleeding badly from a facelifts, make a lie that I showed up at Mar-A-Lago bleeding all over the place. The guy punches back on everything -- he punches back low, he punches back high. But on Stormy Daniels, absolutely nothing."

The co-hosts agreed attorney Michael Avenatti had overexposed himself, but Brzezinski said the president's actions suggested Daniels' claims were credible.

"I still think there's something going on here," she said. "His silence is too deafening, Joe, in that Trump doesn't stay silent at any insult to his -- how do I say, this sexual integrity?"

"He cares about these things, if it pertains to money and sex," Brzezinski added. "He wants to look like a big guy, and whenever he seems anything but, he would punch back. And Stormy Daniels said she didn't really like him, she didn't really want to be with him, and she found him to be tiresome and she passed on a second opportunity. The president normally, in terms of his behavioral patterns, would punch back at that."

The co-hosts said Avenatti seemed less credible with every TV appearance, but Brzezinski said he might be taunting the president with a purpose -- which might even include flipping first lady Melania Trump against her husband.

"The tactic that Avenatti is using, whether we find it untoward or not, may be actually exactly playing into Trump's behavior but also helping him collect more women, more (non-disclosure agreements)," Brzezinski said. "Does Melania have an NDA? And how does she feel about finding out about a list of women signing NDAs to keep them quiet during the time he was married to her. I think he's in an uncomfortable place which leaves him mute, which is unusual."