Morning Joe perfectly explains why Trump can’t find a lawyer: ‘He doesn’t pay his bills and he lies all the time’
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough expressed amazement that the president of the United States has been unable to find any top lawyers willing to represent him in the Russia probe.

The "Morning Joe" host said the job should be considered a great honor, but no lawyers were willing to represent a client who would ignore their advice, destroy their reputation and then stiff them on the final bill.

"It is very clear and we've heard it around Washington, we heard (GOP lawyer) Ted Olson talk about it -- nobody wants to be this guy's lawyers," Scarborough said. "They don't want to be his lawyer because, first of all he doesn't pay his bills, and secondly, he lies to lawyers all the time. They can't trust him going into court."

Special counsel Robert Mueller continues drawing closer to President Donald Trump and his inner circle, Scarborough said, as the president's legal team dwindles to basically a one-man operation.

"This is a president that is going into the legal battle of his life and it's -- he's basically unilaterally disarmed himself," Scarborough said.

Scarborough said no good lawyer would be willing to take on a client that couldn't be trusted.

"The one thing a lawyer can't put up with is being lied to when it's you and your client in the board room, and you're talking and going through the facts," Scarborough said. "You just sit down with your client and you say, 'You've got to tell me everything, and whatever you tell me doesn't leave this room, but I can't prepare for your case unless you tell me everything -- so surprise me now, do not surprise me in the courtroom."

"And yet here's Donald Trump knowing that any lawyer he gets, he believes he's smarter than that lawyer," he added. "He's going to lie to him, and there's no way he can mount any defense for Donald Trump."