'Motherf*cking curry muncher': Watch two white women unleash vile racist rant at Filipina during train ride
Undidentified racist woman on Melbourne train -- Facebook screenshot

In video captured by a passenger on a Melbourne train, two white women shouted and abused a Filipina woman who was sitting across the aisle from them, telling her to go back to her own country and calling her a "motherf*cking curry muncher."

According to Newshub, the video was posted by Patricia Bonnar, who wrote on her Facebook page, "Disgusting behaviour by these 2 girls who were on the train to the city just now. They racially abused a lady sitting on her own." Bonnarthat she and her companions, "pressed the emergency button and sat beside the lady to support her until these girls got off the train at Highett."

In the video the young women can be heard berating the victim, identified only as Mila, who noticed them staring at her and asked them to stop.

"So what, who gives a f*ck? Make me shut up, b*tch. I ain't gonna shut up," one young woman can he heard saying, before adding, "I ain't never gonna shut up, c*nt. What are you going to do? Go back to your own f*cking country."

According to Mila, the other woman joined in and also told her to get out of Australia, before slurring her as a "motherf*cking curry muncher."

"I don't know you, you don't know me. It's my country, it's not your f***ing country," the young blonde can be heard insisting.

According to the report, law enforcement officials were waiting for the two abusers at the next stop, but the two fled the scene before they could be questioned.

You can see the original Facebook post and video below via Patricia Bonnar: