Mueller focusing on Trump actions since the election — which could bring obstruction charges: report
Special counsel and former FBI director Bob Mueller (image via screengrab).

An Axios report revealed Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller is focusing his investigation on what has happened after the 2016 election of President Donald Trump.

As if he's following the doctrine "it's not the crime, it's always the coverup," Mueller has spoken with Trump's attorneys about the president's comments since taking office. The top two things for Mueller's team are the firings of FBI director James Comey, and likely now Andrew McCabe. The second is the lead-up to retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s departure from the White House.

The focus on obstruction flies in the face of accusations of potential collusion with Russia during the campaign. However, Axios explained both are intertwined. Trump openly linked Comey's firing to Russia in his interview with NBC's Lester Holt. Flynn has already pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about conversations with the Russian ambassador. Trump spoke to Comey at one point, alluding to giving him to give some kind of leniency to Flynn because he's a "good guy."

Trump's legal team and Mueller's investigators are reportedly working to find time for Trump's interview in the next few weeks. It's unclear whether the interview will be written or in person. A written interview would allow Trump's attorneys to review his responses to protect himself, while an in-person interview might lead Trump to boastful rants and ramblings that could incriminate him.

Speculation has surrounded Trump's weekend Twitter rants attacking Mueller and the FBI, however the White House swears it doesn't foreshadow any possible action.

“In response to media speculation and related questions being posed to the Administration, the White House yet again confirms that the President is not considering or discussing the firing of the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller," Sunday evening, the White House released a statement from Trump attorney Ty Cobb.