NJ borough officials discussed quieting 'n*gger' employees by giving them 'bucket of fried chicken': lawsuit
Former Red Bank borough administrator Stanley Sickels (Screen cap).

The New Jersey borough of Red Bank this week got slapped with a racial discrimination lawsuit filed by a former parks and recreations director who claims that racist borough officials created a hostile work environment for her and other black employees.

APP.com reports that former Red Bank Parks and Recreation Director Memone Crystian is claiming in her lawsuit that former borough administrator Stanley J. Sickels once told a room full of people at the local fire house that he had just gotten through having a meeting with "the n*ggers" who worked at the Department of Public Works.

The suit also claims that Sickels and former borough council president Arthur Murphy III once joked to another council member that someone should give Crystian "a bucket of fried chicken" to "make her happy."

Crystian claims that Sickels opposed her hiring back in 2010, and alleges that he "sought to reduce her negotiated salary; changed the borough's policy to prevent Crystian from using accrued flextime during a medical leave, and sought to deny her admission into the state's pension system for public employees," according to APP.com.

She also claims that her successors as parks and recreation directors, who have been white, have not been subject to such restrictions.