Oakland mayor smacks down Sessions' immigrant bashing with one simple chart
Oakland Mayor Libby Shaaf/Screenshot

Jeff Sessions is at war with sanctuary cities, and now the cities are hitting back.

The Republican Attorney General went to Sacramento to introduce his lawsuit against California for its "radical, irrational idea" of "open borders."

"A refusal to apprehend and deport those, especially the criminal element, effectively rejects all immigration law. It is a rejection of law. And it creates an open border system,” he said.

Sessions specifically targeted Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf, who boldly tipped off immigrants to ICE raids.

"So here is my message to Schaaf: How dare you? How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda," AG Sessions said.

Shaaf smacked Sessions down immediately: "Now is good time to remind our community Oakland's violent crime rate has dropped dramatically in the last five years," she tweeted with a link.

The link goes to this page from the City of Oakland web site, which documents the steep decline in violent crime in the city. Over the past five years, violent crime there is down 23 percent.

"We're seeing the payoff for sticking to a solid game plan," Schaaf said.