Oregon banker out at Wells Fargo after he's revealed to be a Nazi who marched at Charlottesville
Murphy Harkins at the Charlottesville rally/Screenshot

A Portland-area Nazi has been fired from his banking job at Wells Fargo after his ties to alt-right extremist groups, the Oregonian reports.

Andrew Alexander Murphy Harkins, who went by the name Murphy Harkins, had participated in marches with Identity Evropa and Northwest white nationalist group True Cascadia. He marched with white supremacists at the deadly Charlottesville rally, according to a post from a Portland Antifa organization, standing right next to alleged killer James Alex Fields. He's also been associated with notorious alt-right brawler Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman and Washington State's alt-right Republican senate candidate, Joey Gibson.

Last year, Harkins appeared in a photo taken at Portland's Buffalo Gap Saloon with extremists Baked Alaska, Brittany Pettibone and James Allsup. It was unclear why it took the Portland Antifa group a year to out the local Nazi following the publication of the photo.

Following the revelations, Harkins and Wells Fargo parted ways—the company would not comment on why, but provided a statement about its values.