'Is this really happening?': Exasperated Don Lemon marvels at 'where we are' in Trump's presidency
CNN's Don Lemon (Screengrab)

An exasperated Don Lemon on Tuesday ticked off the days headlines, marveling at the sheer absurdity of Donald Trump’s ongoing saga with adult film star Stormy Daniels, coupled with the president’s chummy relationship to Russian president Vladimir Putin and a host of other crises plaguing the United States.

“President Trump facing lawsuits tonight from three women, a porn star, a playboy model, and a reality TV star, three different cases over his alleged relationship with three different women,” Lemon began Tuesday. “I mean, this is where we are right now.”

Reading off Daniels’ Tuesday tweet—in which the adult film star accused the president of having her “bullied”—Lemon asked, “Is this really happening?”

“The president may really have met his match in Stormy Daniels,” Lemon said.

The CNN host went on to explain the Daniels developments come “as the president's team is laying the groundwork for what could be a monumental interview with the special counsel, Robert Mueller, amid serious questions about what exactly is between the president of the United States and Russia.”

“President Trump called Vladimir Putin today to congratulate him on his victory in what can only be called a rigged election,” Lemon explained. “We first found out from the Kremlin—by the way. What the president apparently didn't do, according to Sarah Sanders, is condemn the nerve agent poisoning in the UK which the British and our government have blamed on Moscow.”

Lemon noted the president reportedly ignored advice from his national security advisers not to congratulate Putin for winning the “rigged” Russia election.

“But apparently a president who loves nothing more than to talk about his own electoral college triumph just couldn't keep himself from congratulating the Russian dictator on his victory,” Lemon said.

Adding that his show will also report on the latest in “the hunt for a serial bomber in Austin, Texas,” Lemon let out a long sigh.

Watch the segment below: