Retired four-star general rips 'KGB thug' Putin -- before warning about disastrous McMaster departure
Retired general Barry McCaffrey/Screenshot

Megyn Kelly's contentious interview with Vladimir Putin impressed a retired four-star general who was watching.

Gen. Barry McCaffrey said that Russia is weak and that Putin's bluster is designed to appease his domestic audience before the upcoming elections.

"Putin is presiding over a disaster in Russia," he said. "Their economy is smaller than that of California, their strategic armed forces are a wreck, particularly naval and air power. BAout the only thing they make are oil and natural gas, and the price of that is way down because of U.S. production... He's in trouble."

McCaffrey went on to discuss the fact that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster appeared to be headed out of the White House. This will be an unfortunate development, he said, as McMaster "a defense intellectual," and "one of the best tactical generals we've ever seen."

The prospects for replacing McMaster look grim, McCaffrey said.

"They've got another one, Josh Bolton, a former U.N. ambassador from the United States, who will make Steve Bannon look like Nancy Pelosi," he said.