REVEALED: Kushner sold property to company linked to Japanese government two months after joining White House
Jared Kushner (Photo: Joint Chiefs of Staff/Flickr)

Two months after President Donald Trump's son-in-law joined the White House as a senior adviser, his family sold off a stake in a property they own in Brooklyn to a Japanese company whose major shareholder is the Japanese government.

According to an investigation by Bloomberg, the Kushner family made the $103 million dollar deal with Normandy Real Estate Partners, a New Jersey-based investment firm, however documents filed in Japan show that the company was representing a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. As noted by the report NTT's largest shareholder is the government which owns one third of the concern.

The report states that this sale is the first business deal discovered so far with a government-affiliated firm since Kushner entered the White House.

Kushner -- as well as his family -- have been has been under scrutiny since he began advising Trump over the possibility of using his access to President Trump as a possible sweetener on real estate deals that could be possibly linked to foreign policy decisions by the president.

According to the report, there’s no evidence the NTT company made the investment with a politics in mind -- issuing a denial -- or that the company and the Japanese government benefited in any way.

You can read the whole report here.