Tapper swipes at Trump for 'folding' on guns: He 'bucks convention' on trade and North Korea -- but not the NRA
Jake Tapper, the CNN anchor of 'The Lead'

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday took Donald Trump to task for following up his “bravado” on gun control with a selection of meager proposals—none of “which the NRA would even remotely object.”

“Tough questions for the White House after President Trump finally unveiled the proposal to prevent mass shootings at schools today, which bears little resemblance from what we heard from President Trump at the end of February,” Tapper began Monday, reminding viewers that shortly after the tragedy in Parkland, Florida last month, “the president promised he alone could fix this and he was on the case.”

Tapper said Trump “talked then about significantly expanding background checks, aggressively taking guns away from the mentally ill—even without due process—and he talk a lot about raising the minimum age to buy semi-automatic weapons to 21.”

“He also mocked politicians as afraid to buck the National Rifle Association, which opposed raising the age for the purchase of semi-automatic weapons to 21,” Tapper explained.

Turning to the White House’s control proposals, released Monday, Tapper said “Trump’s proposal falls way short of not only his stated goals but offering scarcely anything of substance to which the NRA would even remotely object.”

“We should note that this latest fold comes after examples a string of examples of President Trump following through with his intent to ‘disrupt’ the usual way things are done in Washington” Tapper said.

“The president is willing to buck convention on the issue of tariffs or North Korea or basic diplomacy but not when it comes to guns,” Tapper said.

Watch the full video, below: