'They're gonna gut these guys': Rick Wilson brutally describes what Mueller's team will do to Trump's remaining lawyers
Republican strategist and commentator Rick Wilson (Photo: Screen capture)

GOP consultant Rick Wilson took a great amount of joy on Thursday night describing what is left of President Donald Trump's legal team as a bunch of rank amateurs who are going to be "gutted" by special counsel Robert Mueller's crack team of prosecutors.

Sitting in on a panel with CNN host Don Lemon, the acerbic Wilson -- who has become one of Trump's most vociferous and hilarious critics -- unleashed an expert undressing of Trump's remaining lawyers comparing them to nothing more than Fox News shouters.

With host Lemon asking, "It appears he [Trump] has assembled a team of TV lawyers and TV spinners who are going to spin the story about how Mueller is, you know, corrupt and everyone is corrupt. Isn't it more than that than what they're actually going to do in the courtroom or behind the scenes as attorneys?" Wilson unloaded on Trump's team.

"Well, the problem for the whole theory of a reality TV set of lawyers is that Robert Mueller has a team of pipe-swinging, knee-breaking actual prosecutors and they're going to chew these guys up and spit them out," Wilson shot back. "They're going to take a Joe diGenova, who haven't practiced law for quite some time I understand, and they're going to gut them -- they're going to roll them over and spank them."

"This isn't going to be a fair fight," he elaborated. "Because Robert Mueller has people who actually know things and have built a case. And they're going to win this war and win it despite Sean Hannity bellowing louder than anyone else on TV. That may move the Trump base, but I think it's not going to have a lot of impact at all on this case."

"Mueller has rolled up mobsters with great attorneys before, so I really don't think this is going to be something that Donald Trump picking a guy because he can fight well on Fox TV and scream conspiracy about the FBI or the DOJ and the government, the deep state, is going to work" he added. "You know, this is the Trump idea that the world is reality television when there's actually reality outside of reality television."

Watch the video below via CNN: