'Tonight is not the end – it’s the beginning': Stormy Daniels' attorney taunts Trump with promise of more evidence
Stormy Daniels. (Screenshot)

The attorney for adult actress Stormy Daniels took to Twitter on Sunday morning to promise the public -- and likely taunt President Donald Trump - that the blockbuster 60 Minutes interview to be shown later in the evening will just be a taste of the evidence to be revealed about a sexual affair the porn actress allegedly had with Trump.

Continuing his efforts to hype up the Anderson Cooper interview with the actress -- whose real name is Stephanie Clifford -- attorney Michael Avenatti tweeted, "Note: (a) not all of our evidence will be mentioned/displayed tonight – that would be foolish; (b) we are not sure what CBS will include but we know a lot from the full interview will have to be cut bc of the time allowed; (c) tonight is not the end – it’s the beginning. #basta."

Earlier in the week, Avenatti tweeted out a picture of a DVD which reportedly contains proof of the sexual liaison between Trump and Daniels at a time when the president's wife, Melania, had just given birth to their son, Barron.

You can see the tweets below: