Trump apologist flops when CNN's Cuomo crushes his excuses for why Trump may lie to Mueller
CNN's Chris Cuomo grills former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo (Screen cap).

Michael Caputo, a former adviser to Donald Trump's presidential campaign, went on CNN Monday to urge the president to not meet with special counsel Robert Mueller -- and then started to panic when asked by host Chris Cuomo for reasons.

During the interview, Cuomo asked Caputo why he would advise against doing an interview with Mueller's team if he really had nothing to hide. Caputo responded that Trump might lie, albeit not on purpose.

"Well, I think anybody sitting down in front of a special prosecutor stands a chance of a process crime, like unintentionally lying," he said.

"Unintentionally lying?" an incredulous Cuomo asked. "You must intend to lie, by definition!"

Caputo then said that even completely innocent people often lawyer up before talking with investigators because such interrogations are "fraught with peril."

"It's only fraught with peril if you can't go in and tell the truth," Cuomo pointed out.

The CNN host then noted that Trump initially said he wanted to talk with Mueller -- but then his own allies all jumped out to say that he shouldn't sit down with Mueller under any circumstances.

"It doesn't give a lot of weight to the suggestion that the president can tell the truth, I got to be honest" Cuomo pointed out.

Caputo tried to insist that the president would try to be truthful, but he said that Trump could still slip up during tough questioning.

"I know that's what you think, I don't believe that," Caputo said. "It would be a mistake for any president."

Watch the video below.