Trump asked key witnesses what they discussed with Mueller: report
Special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump (Wikimedia Commons)

On at least two occasions, Donald Trump asked witnesses in the Russia investigation what they said to special counsel Robert Mueller, the New York Times reports.

Mueller is aware of both conversations. On one occasion, Trump said Don McGahn should deny a New York Times report indicating the president had asked the White House counsel to fire Mueller. As the Times reports, McGahn “later had to remind” Trump he’d asked for Mueller’s termination.

According to the Times, former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter told McGahn Trump "suggested he might 'get rid of'" the White House counsel should he ignore the president's request to deny the story.

Trump also once “asked his former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, how his interview had gone with the special counsel’s investigators and whether they had been ‘nice,’” the Times notes.

According to the report, Trump’s conversation “most likely did not rise to the level of witnesses tampering,” but were nonetheless brought to Mueller’s attention.