Despite his public silence on the unfolding scandal involving adult film star Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump is privately calling her allegations a “hoax” and arguing she “is not the type of woman he finds attractive,” the Washington Post reports.

Trump is also concerned with whether Daniels’ allegations and media appearances are hurting his poll numbers, according to the Post, and asked his White House staff if they watched Daniels’ appearance Sunday night on CBS “60 Minutes.”

“The president said that he personally did not think Daniels appeared credible,” a person who spoke with Trump told the Post.

The private grumblings are occurring in tandem with Trump’s uncharacteristic silence on Daniels’ allegations. According to the adult film star, Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen paid her $130,000 in exchange for her silence on her decade-old affair with the president.

Cohen has acknowledged the payment to Daniels, but said her allegations against the president were nevertheless untrue. Monday, Daniels added in Cohen as the defendant in a lawsuit against Trump, accusing the lawyer of defamation.

She had previously filed suit against Trump, arguing the hush agreement she and the president signed is invalid because it does not contain Trump’s signature.

As the Post’s Julie Pace notes, despite insisting Daniels’ allegations are false, the president has told one person the film star owes him $21 million dollars for speaking out.