Trump runs his legal team like the ‘dysfunctional West Wing’ — and his lawyers double as 'therapists'
Ty Cobb and Don McGahn (composite image)

Amid the president's increasing attacks against special counsel Robert Mueller, fractures and in-fighting have reportedly occurred within his legal team.

The Washington Post reported Monday night that the latest developments on Trump's legal team — which includes him bringing on a lawyer known for promoting "deep state" conspiracy theories — are making his defense seem a lot like his tumultuous administration.

"The half-dozen key lawyers tasked with defending Trump are increasingly operating with conflicting information, feuding internally, and pursuing strategies that many legal analysts and friends of the president view as dubious — if not downright dangerous," the Post's report continued.

“It does seem as though it’s mirroring the dysfunction in the West Wing and this is not some complicated chaos theory of management — it’s just chaos,” author Chris Whipple, who wrote a history of White House chiefs of staff titled "The Gatekeepers," told the Post. “Common sense tells you that it’s critical that everyone be on the same page, not just the White House staff but especially the legal team on whom he’s relying for survival.”

Along with serving as legal counsel, the Post's sources close to the president said, Trump's lawyers also act as his "publicists and therapists."

Although "the lawyers employ a range of strategies to try to manage the impulses of their uncooperative client," they've often feuded with each other and Trump. Most recently, those fights have centered on what to do about Mueller, with members of his legal team making contradicting statements and having to issue amendments to what they said previously.

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