Trump still throwing a tantrum over spending bill after believing bogus facts he saw on Fox News: report
Donald Trump (ABC/screen grab)

President Donald Trump did not sound happy last week when he signed a bipartisan omnibus spending package into law, and the New York Times' Maggie Haberman reports that he now hates the bill even more than before based on bogus information he's received from Fox News.

"Per two senior administration officials, Trump continued to rail privately about the omnibus bill, and has become convinced of things that aren’t true about it," Haberman reports. "Trump has been watching Fox, which had Coulter on Jeanine Pirro slamming Trump over the wall funding. That type of thing -- as well as his conviction it includes Planned Parenthood funding -- are animating him."

During the bill signing on Friday, Trump complained that no one had supposedly read the massive, 2,000-plus page spending bill that had passed both houses of Congress. Many conservatives, including the ones normally most loyal to him, bashed him for grudgingly signing it during appearances on Fox News over the weekend.