Trump tries to recruit 'star' GOP lawyer for Mueller probe -- and gets humiliatingly rejected: report
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

A Washington Post report on Tuesday claimed that the Trump White House has been trying to recruit Theodore B. Olson, described as a "star" Republican lawyer, to help defend President Donald Trump in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe.

However, just hours after the report was published, it looks as though Olson has rejected the White House's overtures.

Ted Boutrous -- a partner at Olson's law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher -- sent out a tweet on Tuesday shooting down any notion that Olson would be leaving to work with the White House.

Following up on that, BuzzFeed News editor Chris Geidner similarly reported that a "source familiar" with the situation confirmed that Olson had turned down Trump's offer to join his team.

Earlier this week, Trump reportedly offered a job to attorney Joseph E. diGenova, a Washington lawyer who has pushed the conspiracy theory that officials at the FBI and Department of Justice are engaged in a plot to frame Trump for colluding with Russian government officials.